Board Meetings

2022 Meeting Minutes


2022-07-17-Winkelman NRCD MtgDraftMin

2022-06-17-Winkelman NRCD MtgDraftMin

2022-05-25-Winkelman NRCD MtgDraftMin

2022-05-18-Winkelman NRCD MtgDraftMin

2022-02-16-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2021 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

2021-02-17-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2021-06-16-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2021-09-15-WNRCD FinalMin-Signed

2021 Other Meeting Minutes

2021-03-12-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2021-04-13-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2021-06-21-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2021-06-30-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2021-07-13-WNRCD-WRMC MtgFinalMin

2021-09-20-WNRCD MtgFinalMin-Signed

2021-09-29-WNRCD LWG- MtgFinalMin-Signed

2021-10-29-WNRCD MtgFinalMin-Signed

2020 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

2020-02-19-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2020-05-20-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2020-09-16-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2020-11-18-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin

2020 Other Meeting Minutes




2020-10-09-Winkelman NRCD MtgFinalMin


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