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What is the Winkelman Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD)?

The Winkelman Natural Resource Conservation District is one of 42 NRCD’s in Arizona organized under State and Tribal Law. Governed by locally elected and appointed officials, Districts evaluate the conservation needs of their respective boundaries. The District was organized and became functional under the auspices of the Soil Conservation District Law, State of Arizona, in October, 1948. The Arizona State Attorney General issued the Certificate of Organization on October 4, 1948.

Winkelman NRCD Demographics

The WNRCD comprises 1,609,470 acres (2,514.8 square miles), and is located approximately 85% in Pinal County and about 8% in Gila County, 5% in Pima County and 3% in Graham County. 56% percent of the land is State of Arizona owned, 18% is privately owned, 17% is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, 8% is National Forest and 1% is other land ownership including Tribal Lands.

There are approximately 1,160 acres of irrigated cropland in the District comprised of 10 farms; 2 farms produce food/fiber crops, 7 farms are irrigated pasture for livestock and one farm is orchard. Important crops include native grass, alfalfa, wheat, cotton and citrus.

The total grazing area is approximately 1,379,147 acres with 62 ranches. Land acreage for this estimate includes Federal, State and private lands. Urban land is currently 40,663 and increasing annually with growth mainly near Oracle, Oro Valley, Catalina and Florence. Therefore, the land use is dominated by livestock operations of which most fall into two categories; ephemeral steer operations at the lower elevations and cow calf operations at the higher elevations.

What does the Winkelman NRCD do?

It is declared by legislature that NRCD’s provide for the restoration and conservation of lands and soil resources of the state, the preservation of water rights and the control
and prevention of soil erosion, and thereby to conserve natural resources, conserve wildlife, protect the tax base, protect public lands and protect and restore this state’s rivers and streams and associated riparian habitats, including fish and wildlife resources that are dependent on those habitats, and in such a manner to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the people.

The goal of the District is to foster and assist in programs that will ensure sustained yields of all natural resources within the District. The charter of the District instigates restoration, protection, and promotion of the soil, water, forage, wildlife, and other physical resources through sound and wise land and water use practices that will benefit all responsible resource users.

A District is Empowered to:

  • Conduct surveys, investigations, and research relating to natural resource concerns.
  • Conduct demonstration projects within the District to demonstrate the means, methods and measures of natural resource concerns.
  • Cooperate and enter into agreements with a landowner, an operator or any agency or subdivision of the state or federal government to carry on programs addressing natural resource concerns.
  • Provide technical assistance to owners of lands within the District.
  • Provide conservation education.

How Can You Get Involved?

Your input to the Winkelman Natural Resources Conservation District will make a positive impact in your community.

        • Become a District Cooperator member: Cooperator Agreement
        • Attend and participate at the WNRCD public meetings. Meeting dates are posted at
        • Attend one of the many worthwhile projects and activities sponsored by your District.
        • Volunteer and make a difference! Offer your technical experience or professional expertise as an Advisor to the District Board.
        • Participate in the decision-making process.
        • Vote in District elections.
        • Run for a Supervisor’s seat on the district Board.
        • Make a tax deductible contribution.

Please include your name, address, phone number and email address with your check and mail to:

Winkelman NRCD
PO Box 486
Kearny, AZ 85137

Thank you for your support, Bill Dunn, Winkelman NRCD Chairman

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