Hearing Rooms for hearings regarding the Arizona Navigable Stream Adjudication/ANSAC

Thanks to Senator Gail Griffin, Senate Chief of Staff Wendy Baldo and to Senate staffer Sylvia Oliver, and absent any emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances, we have the following hearing rooms reserved for the inclusive dates indicated. These are the dates that resulted from the Scheduling Conference/Meeting held on April 25, 2014 in Phoenix.

Arizona State Senate Hearing Room No. 1, 1700 W. Washington, Senate Building, Phoenix, AZ 85007:

June 16-June 20, 2014 – Gila River.
August 18-August 21, 2014 – Upper Salt River.
October 20-October 23, 2014 – Verde River.
December 15-December 19, 2014 – Lower Salt River.

In the event of a Special Session or some other circumstance we may be moved to other rooms within the Senate or may need to find other rooms elsewhere.

George Mehnert
ANSAC-Navigable Streams

email: nav.streams
web: www.ansac.az.gov

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