USDA-NRCS State Technical Committee Meeting June 24

The public is invited to the next meeting of the Natural Resources Conservation Service State Technical Committee on June 24, 2014 from 9am–1pm.

The meeting will be held via video teleconference at seven NRCS locations throughout the state:

NRCS State Office, 230 North First Avenue, Phoenix, AZ
NRCS Area Office, 2000 East Allen Road, Building 320, Tucson, AZ
NRCS Area Office, 1611 South Plaza Way, Flagstaff, AZ
Fredonia Field Office, 143 South Main Street, Fredonia, AZ
Holbrook Field Office, 51 West Vista Drive, Suite 3 Holbrook, AZ
Shiprock Field Office, Old Post Office, Highway 491, Shiprock, NM
Yuma Field Office, 2197 4th Avenue, Suite 104, Yuma, AZ

Please see the attached agenda.

State Technical Committee Agenda 6-24-14.pdf

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