NRCD Coordination Meeting with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Expansion of 10J Rule for Mexican Wolf

September 24, 2014

8:00 a.m.

U of A Tech Park

9070 S Rita Road, 3rd Floor

Executive Briefing Center

Tucson, AZ 85747


Apache NRCD

Hereford NRCD


Whitewater Draw NRCD

Willcox NRCD

Winkelman NRCD

Election of Chairman for meeting

Welcome and Introductions

Opening Comments

  1. Discussion of background and powers of the NRCDs


  2. Fulfillment in NEPA analysis of district policies


  3. Review of district policies

    each district

  4. Border issues

    Frank, Fred

  5. Discussion of economic impacts and economic analysis in the DEIS Sheriff Dannels-sheriff’s office impacts
  6. Richard Searle-county impacts

    Steve Turcotte-local fire district impacts

    Drew McGibbon-local school impacts

    Carey Dobson, Daric Knight-impacts on ranchers, guides, local businesses

    Les Owen (maybe) problems with the economic analysis in DEIS-methodology

  7. Discussion of the scientific points of the DEIS


    Mary-everything else

  8. Species of concern other than the Mexican wolf


    Willcox- bighorn sheep


  9. Wrap up-Margaret
  10. Follow up meetings
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