agenda quarterly meeting


Notice is hereby given to the members of the Winkelman NRCD and to the general public that the Board of Supervisors will hold its regular quarterly Meeting open to the public.

Lunch will be potluck.
10:00 a.m.
Reed Box O Ranch
8450 N. Reed Rd. Cactus Forest Rd.
Florence, AZ.

Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions
Pledge of Allegiance
Consent Agenda:
Minutes of Action

Treasurer’s Report
Approval of Bills
AzNRCD dues
NACD dues

New Business:
District Facebook Page Committee report Info/Action
Upcoming Monitoring Guidelines training Info/Action

Old Business:
Sonoran Desert tortoise BMP implementation strategy Info/Action
Annual Survey
District tortoise management plan
Lower San Pedro Initiative Committee report Info/Action
Executive Session (District clerk position Info/Action)

Reports from Agency Personnel Info/Action
AZ Game and Fish
State Land Department
Cooperative Extension

Reports from Supervisors and District Personnel: Action/info
Bill Dunn
Gary Vinson
Steve Turcotte
Francie Meyer
Carol Dubois
Becky Hightower

Ed Center Meeting
Financial Report Info/Action
Request by AzNRCD to help finance an Ed Center/Communications position Info/action
Request by AzNRCD for funds to help finance FFA competitions Info/Action
Funding for printing of tortoise BMP document and SDT Conservation Plan Info/Action

Call to the Public Info

AGENDA 2015.4.8.doc

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