Local Work Group meeting on April 11 at 10 am CAC, Aravaipa Campus

Notice is hereby given to the members of the Winkelman NRCD and to the general public that the Board of Supervisors will conduct a Local Work Group meeting open to the public onApril 11, 10 am – 2 pm.

Location: Central Arizona College, Aravaipa Campus, Room E102

Lunch will be provided.

Why is this meeting important to you? This is where the District sets its priorities and directs its funds for the next few years. What funds do we expect to have to spend on conservation? Within the next three or four years the Winkelman District, along with Redington and Pima Districts will receive at least 1.2 million dollars in one year to put projects on the ground through partnerships made by our state association with NRCS and BLM. We expect by then there will be considerably more than that, since the association is looking for other partners to add to this. When our turn comes we will need to have identified what resource problems we need to attack and how, figure out what the best ways to attack them and identify who, if anyone is working on this and who else we can bring to this effort.
Please plan to come and give us your input. Everyone has ideas about what resource concerns there are in their backyard. We need to hear what they are so we can prioritize the monies we will be receiving and make plans on how to best address them. If you know of an erosion problem, for instance, that will become much larger if not remediated, bring that to the meeting. If there is a new invasive weed problem that you see, or a potential fire threat, bring that to the meeting. Perhaps we want to work on salt cedar to go along with the work we are doing on the Kearny River Fire project

Agenda link below:


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