Winkelman NRCD Quaterly Meeting on May 16 at 10 am

Mark your calendar May 16, 10 a.m.

Join us for the Winkelman NRCD Quarterly meeting:

24710 North A Diamond Ranch Rd, Kearny, AZ 85137

Find out about the May Elections, Kearny River Fire Grant, Nursery, and the District Coordinator Position..

The Education Center meeting will be held after the regular business of the quarterly meeting. Join our Facebook page updates & activities.

Lunch will be potluck.  Agenda:  2018-05-16 QtrMtgAgenda

2018-05-16-QtrMtgDraftMin   2018-02-20-QtrMtgFinalMin


2018-03-26-FinalMinutes         2018-04-16-TeleconferenceFinalMinutes

2018-04-30-BalanceSheet        2018-04-30-IncomeStatement

2018-05-03-Winkleman district time sheet5-ChrisFletcher

Food Desert Workshop Agenda – FINAL w MAP


Field Trips Grades 1-4 2018


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